Mac Gaming: Tales of Monkey Island Released!

Those of you who are regular readers know that I despise (and, in fact, frequently [make fun of]( release-game-soon-we-reprint-their-press-release-here/)) gaming web sites that update a thousand times a day by, more or less, just republishing game company press releases. But today something happened that I think warrants doing essentially that.

Telltale Games, a company that I have such an irrational love for that I hope someday it wants to be my boyfriend, has finally succumbs to my nagging and released their fabulous game Tales of Monkey Island for Mac OS X.

This in itself would be news, but in a move that can only be compared to the gaming industry’s version of “Don’t Be Evil”, they’ve gone a step further. You buy a Telltale game, you can play it on Windows or Mac. For that matter, if you’ve already bought a Telltale game on Windows, you can now download the Mac version as well. Tell me the last time you heard of a game company doing that.

I’ve reviewed Tales of Monkey Island on this site, as well as Telltale’s other games, such as Sam and Max (a series so wonderful that it deserves more than one review), their paean to adventure games [Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People]( people/), and their [Wallace and Gromit]( /wallace-and-gromit/) games. Their games are good. In a world where you can [spend $60 on a game and feel bitter about it,]( /stop-me-if-you-think-that-youve-heard-this-one-before/) Telltale’s games offer something that shouldn’t be unusual, yet is: quality entertainment value for your money.

On the company’s launch page, you can also vote for which game they will port to the Mac next. Everyone will have their own opinions about this. From my perspective, the best ones in their stable (and, possibly, the best adventure games of their type, ever) are the Strong Bad series. But even if you disagree with me, drop by and make your voice heard.

Kudos, Telltale. Thanks for giving those of us on the Mac side of the great divide something to smile about.

Disclosure: Telltale has provided me with review copies of pretty much all of their games. But I’ll be buying the Mac version of Tales of Monkey Island with my own cold, hard cash. $34.95 gets you the entire series. It would be a bargain at twice that price.