Dear Western Digital

What I want to buy from you is a hard drive. I want to buy hard drive from you because you are good at building drives. I do not want to buy software from you because you suck at building software. Here are some things not to do.

1. Do not waste 500MB on a hidden partition with shitty software on it that I will never run.

2. Do not make this 500MB hidden partition undeleteable.

3. Do not write firmware that tries to use the 500MB hidden partition to create a phantom “CD Drive” that is supposed to mount whenever I plug the drive into my computer. Especially do not do this if the fucking fake CD drive device never mounts.

4. Do not make me download special software to disable your brain dead fake CD drive device firmware bullshit that doesn’t actually work.

5. Do not make me download more software to do nothing more than reset some display text on the front of your drive because you think I want to stare at “VIDEOS 09” whenever I look at the drive.

6. Do not make said second software download also install some more brain dead backup software that runs as root on my machine. There is no fucking way I will run your backup software. You can’t even make a fake CD drive that works. I already have backup software. The only reason I bought your drive was to write data to it from my backup software

At least you made it possible for me to uninstall your dipshit backup software.

Anyway, never buy a Western Digital external hard drive again. Go to Other World Computing instead. Their drives just have bits on them. And some software you can just delete and doesn’t otherwise get in your way.