How to Buy a TV 2

The replacement TV came today. I now feel that I must quickly update a few articles that appeared a few years ago on our humble web site. In [this one I surveyed various TV technologies]( devil/). In this one I gave pithy advice how to to pick a TV. Things are different now. Now all you need to do is (1) pick a size and (2) buy (generally) the cheapest LCD TV that is of that size from a brand you like. Don’t worry about all those other TV technologies. They are either already dead or will be dead in 3 years. Also, people will try and convince you that the more expensive stuff offers more value. Unless you know this in your heart to be true, don’t believe it. It’s all lies. Make your life simple. Follow the simple list of instructions above. In particular, for god’s sake, don’t buy a 3-d TV. Hopefully if we ignore them they will just go away.