My Hero

The “my hero for writing something smart online” award for today goes to the noted photographer and printer Ctein, for this gem at the Online Photographer:

Most photographers are lousy printers. Most always were. The difference is that in the old days you had to master a substantial skill set in craft before you could demonstrate how lousy you really were. Now anyone can simply buy a technologically superior printer for $500-$1000 and immediately demonstrate their lack of competence.

Read [this post]( /bw-vs-color-not-film-vs-digital.html) (which, IMHO, is a bit of rationalization in an attempt to justify a personal preference, but that’s OK). [Here is a bigger link for you to click on, even though I know this sort of thing is bad “style”.]( photographer/2010/09/bw-vs-color-not-film-vs-digital.html). Scan the comments for what Ctein said. As usual, if the post takes itself too seriously, the comments are an order of magnitude worse. Especially mine.