The Camera I Want: Available

For a [long time on this weblog]( camera-i-want/) I have opined for the camera companies to make a digital version of my beloved Konica Hexar. Well, now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is, because Fuji has done it. The new [Fuji X100 is available for pre- oder today]( 011/02/x100-update.html). It is an APS-C format digital Hexar with a nice small size, a nice fixed F2 lens and the promise of two things that have as yet eluded the smaller-than-huge-DSLR cameras:

1. A good optical viewfinder, with focus confirmation.

2. Reasonable performance.

Only time will tell if the shipped camera actually fulfills these promises. If it does, I guess some of my disposable income will be disposed.