Talents I Don't Have

On December 23, 2005, in Culture, by peterb

Wrapping presents.

I just wrapped a Christmas present, lumpily. I couldn’t find any scotch tape, so I used surgical tape. It looks exactly as bad as you might imagine.


2 Responses to “Talents I Don't Have”

  1. GBGames says:

    I’ve found that if I make it comically bad, people will either find it funny or at least not get upset about it. So far it has worked…we’ll see how my girlfriend takes her present.

  2. David R says:

    My family once resorted to mutually-assured destruction: requiring everyon to wrap their gifts in supermarket shopping bags when people said “we can’t exchange gifts now—we’re not done wrapping”

    And then there’s [REDACTED] whose family regularly does the same thing, but in biohazard bags.