Time Travel

On July 29, 2004, in Games, by peterb

HOUR 1: Hey! Guys! I got DOOM 3! Whooooooo!

HOUR 2: Stupid installer erased my datebook.

HOUR 3: OK, it’s running. Why is everything so slow? What the hell?

DAY 2: Got new videocard at CompUSA. Runs OK now, when not crashing.

DAY 3: Couldn’t take crashing. Bought new computer.

DAY 3: Still crashing. Hate everyone.

DAY 4: No friends playing; computers all too slow. Maybe play with strangers?

DAY 5: 13 year old kids humiliating me. Hate everyone and everything.

DAY 6: I will master this. Stayed home from work to practice.

DAY 7: Boss called. Told him I had plague.

DAY 8: Lost to Estonian third-grade girl, 16-0. Hate everyone and everything in the entire universe.

DAY 10: Stopped playing stupid game. Will wait for Halo 2.


4 Responses to “Time Travel”

  1. Eric Tilton says:

    la la la la la la

  2. Eric Tilton says:

    Hey! Guys! I got DOOM 3! Whooooooo!

  3. Eric Tilton says:

    DAY -10: Preordered Doom 3! Bought new computer to play it on! WOOOO!
    DAY -9.5: Computer exploded. Took parts to shifty place I bought it from.
    DAY -3: Shifty place forgot to fix computer until I started calling them daily.
    DAY -2: Blah blah something about grounding but (not crazy!) also bad memory sticks.
    DAY 0: Computer finally ready about an hour after I pick up my copy of Doom.
    HOUR 0-2: Installer works great. It just takes two hours for me to get all of the updates & etc (for Windows, that is).
    HOUR 3.5: Why does it crash whenever I go to the menu?
    HOUR 4: Shit, gotta go to Canada.
    DAY 5: Back. Updated video drivers. YAY! Looks great.
    DAY 5.2: Why does City of Heroes crash!?
    DAY 6: OHHHH, I have to update the MOTHERBOARD DRIVER. That’s fucking genius is what it is.
    DAY 6.5: No crashes, fingers crossed. Why didn’t I just get an XBox? Oh yeah, because this looks FUCKING AWESOME. And because I NEVER EVER LEARN.

  4. peterb says:

    I am mocking you now, but it is gentle mocking, full of love and sadness and sympathy, and only a small amount of “I told you so.”