I am the Mirror of Your Emotions

On September 30, 2004, in Culture, by peterb

I admit it: I didn’t watch the candidate’s debate tonight. I had two reasons:

(1) My mind is already made up.

(2) Contemplating the sick feeling I will get in the pit of my stomach when I wake up the day after Election Day and read about who won makes me break out in hives. I get enough existential dread when I think about being forced to program in Tcl without adding politics to the mix.

So, I ask those of you who watched, who won? Did it change your mind? Do you think it changed anyone’s mind? What surprised you, if anything?

Add your comments below.


5 Responses to “I am the Mirror of Your Emotions”

  1. There was no way in hell I’d vote for Bush (even if one could forget everything involving Iraq), but I was reluctant in my support for Kerry. The debate will make voting for Kerry significantly easier for this voter.

    Bush’s performance will be a tough turd to polish.

  2. Dullroar says:

    Kerry 1, Bush 0

    My highly-biased, partisan notion of what went on in the debate last night was this: John Kerry wiped the floor with George Bush. Kerry was clear, he was concise, he listed Bush’s failures, and he made the case for why…

  3. Eric Tilton says:

    It didn’t change my mind, but it reinforced my growing (initially grudging) respect for Kerry. He came across as statesmanlike and, well, presidential. Bush came across as peevish, sloppy, and tired, especially after the Nth time he whined that it was “hard work.”

  4. tempp says:

    Kerry came out with the intention to make bush angry and flusterd. It was a good try, but kerry should have pushed Bush’s buttons more. I thought Lehrer did a better job this debate than he did in 2000. He didn’t seemed to be afraid to ask some decent questions and follow-ups.

    Considering this debate was covering Bush’s domain (it’s the war stupid), Bush didn’t come out as a clear and obvious victor.

  5. voodoo says:

    I am visiting Europe and stayed up way to late to watch it here; I am very pleased to see that it was carried in its entirety on BBC. I have to admit, Bush did appear very sloppy, and while I am voting for Kerry, i would have liked to see him be stronger, but overall I was pleased. Bush looked like an ass, I must admit. Am glad I stayed up to watch it. Damn jet lag.