I Praise the PLCB

On August 23, 2007, in Food and Drink, by peterb

After harshing on them last week for how clunky their SLO system is, I will take a moment to say something nice about them: my Special Liquor Order arrived today. That means that it took them less than a week to get 3 fairly exotic bottles of liquor into my local store, and they got the order exactly right, despite my snark.

So while it may be a painfully slow process to place an SLO, I have no complaints at all about the actual delivery process. I’ll just say “Thanks, PLCB!”


3 Responses to “I Praise the PLCB”

  1. Chris Hanson says:

    This is the liquor that I can walk down the street and buy, yes?

    You sound like an abuse survivor. “See? If I just make sure dinner’s on the table when he gets home, he doesn’t need to hit me! It can all work out!”

  2. peterb says:

    Not necessarily. I looked for Fazenda Mae de Ouro in the bay area, but couldn’t find it in the three stores I checked. So the real question is how long it would take your corner store to get it in if you special ordered it.

    I believe in giving grief where grief is deserved, but the flip side is I feel responsible to point out when those whom I give grief to do something well.

  3. Chris Hanson says:

    Corner store special order? Isn’t that what the Internet’s for?

    Oh, wait, you live in a state where they may not let you ship alcohol…