Welcome, Ineffable Tiger Wu

On April 29, 2005, in Computers, by peterb

Now that Mac OS X 10.4 (“Tiger”) has been unleashed, it is only right and proper that I make available The Inscrutable Denominator of Heaven’s Dashboard, ready for your Dashboard-using pleasure. It requires, of course, Mac OS X 10.4. Download, unzip, and double-click to install and run.

On the one hand, it’s still the same garbage code, and the random number generator doesn’t quite work right. On the other hand, I ported it in to Dashboard in just about 10 minutes, and most of that was spent dorking around with the background image. I didn’t edit the code at all — it was a straight cut and paste job.

That, I think, convinces me of Dashboard’s worth. It is so incredibly trivial to get something useful(*) in to Dashboard, that I have no doubt that there are going to more cool widgets than we can possibly imagine at this point.

(*) Yes, I understand that this particular widget is, in fact, not at all useful.


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