On September 24, 2004, in Food and Drink, by peterb

I’ve heard about Retsina for years, but it was not until recently, at a Greek restaurant on Danforth in Toronto, that I actually got to taste it.

It tastes like rosemary wine.

That’s not a bad thing.

Rosemary, of course, is a member of the pine family, and Retsina is treated with pine tree resin; hence the taste.

It’s a light white wine, similar in body to a Frascati or a Pino Grigio. Behind the rosemary/pine nose and taste, there’s a vegetal, grassy flavor, and a slightly medicinal, bitter tang. I could see some people not liking it, but like the hoppy finish in a good beer, I found that the bitterness cleansed my palette and readied me for the next sip, or the next taste of food. This is definitely a wine to drink with food.

Not something I’d drink every day, but it makes a nice wine for a warm summer day.


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